• Come meet your CoFounder!

  • 100's of Startup are Seeking CoFounders Specializing in: Sales Business Development Marketing

  • 10 New Startups formed on average per event!

What is CoFounder Club?

CoFounder Club is an organization to connect entrepreneurs together to discuss ideas and form companies. Started in November 2017 by its Founder to find his own startup team, CoFounder Club is proving to be effective at churning out CoFounded projects.

The primary events that we run are simple events with 40-60 minutes of all participants pitching who they are and what they are seeking followed by the bulk of the event, targeted networking.
Known as proven events, Cofounder Club has been expanding rapidly and host multiple events each month all over the country. 

As well as the events, cofounderclub.org will provide the online resource to enhance our ecosystem enabling all our members to interact before, during and after events.
We will allow our members to advertise a complete profile to attract their required counterparts and prepare them with participant information when attending events. 

If that was not enough, as a pioneer in the early stage startup ecosystem, CoFounder Club will be providing educational resources to all of its members to assist in preparing them for the challenges ahead.
Part of this will be advisory education and another part which we are very proud of are our interactive workshops where we take an area and assist in enhancing that specific to your project; such as our pitch practice events which will improve your 60-second Elevator Pitch. 

So come connect with our community to either join your next project or welcome to your project your new CoFounding teammates!

Our Progress So Far

What's on the Horizon